What is the new secret about Indian fashion ?

Indian fashion with diversity

India, one of the largest population and traditionally the people are very passionate. It is one of the most beautiful country in the world and the people are also beautiful. Indian girls are famous for their beauty. Note that many miss universe are from India. So, what is the secret of their beauty? Fashion, yes fashion is the key. They are using fashion as an art to introduce their beauty.

Indian girls are most beautiful in the world. They are really attractive. They are smart, educated and fashionable. The traditional dress of Indian woman is Sari. So Indian girls like to wear Sari. At any festival they of course put Sari. They also put Lehenga and Salware-Kamiz. Always They like to follow the Bollywood heroines fashion. All of the Indian girls dream is to be like them.

You should remember that India is a big country. Above 100 crore people live in India who are different by culture, language and fashion. So all of the Indian people do not have the same choice and views in fashion. Despite the difference, they are very fashionable and beauty conscious.

New trends in public fashion

Now a days India scores high points in fashion designing compared to other countries. Most cities in India are very fashion conscious and keep up with fashion trends all over the year. Bollywood, which is Indian film industry, has an exceptional contribution to making people passionate. Everyday it produces new idea and pattern about fashion. It has gathered all of the top designers of India and foreign also. India produces a lot of professional designers. They have shaped the looks of many celebrities, actors and actresses of Bollywood. As the celebrities are very popular, people often like to follow their dress, makeup, temper, layout as well as lifestyle. Thus they influence people to make them fashion conscious.

Top Indian fashion designers
Popular fashion houses of India makes impression not only in Indian market but also worldwide. Ritu Kumar is one of the leading designer of India. She is famous for the creative use of colors, fabrics and embroideries. Like her many designers are well reputed for their creative work. Some of the famous names are Ritu Beri, Manish Malhotra, Rohit Bal, Rina Dhaka, Tina Tahilani Aki Narula, Anita Dongre, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, Manish Arora etc. The marketplace of their fashion products is not only local but also the foreign market like as USA and Europe. Because the fans and followers of Bollywood are all ever the world. So Indian designers have become universal and to maintain the international standard. Actually they give a shape to the traditional Indian fashion which is a remix of Indian culture and International standard. Finally, through their design they introduce Indian people newly to the world.
So, Bollywood is the factor which influences Indian fashion most. And Indian designers are the guys who have made India special in fashion world.