Taking Care Of Designer Kids Clothing

A lot of people complain that the designer kids clothing that they bought for their children do not survive after 10 washings. What these people failed to mention when they made their complaints is that they did not really take good care of their kids designer clothing well. You see, designer kids clothing needs special care. Even those cheap designer kids’ clothes that are sold in thrift shops also need special care. To make sure that your kids’ designer clothing can survive more than a few washings, here are some tips for you.

Read the Washing Instructions Carefully

Before you load designer kids clothing into the washing machine, be sure to read their labels first. Note that different types of clothing materials need different degrees of care. For instance, there are certain types of clothes which will not survive if you wash it with some bleaching powder and there are some types of clothing materials that shrink and shift shape if you tumble try them. To prevent damage of your children’s clothes during washing, read the washing instructions printed on the label of the clothes and follow these instructions carefully.

Wash Colored Clothing Separately

You cannot take shortcuts when it comes to taking care of your kids’ clothes. You need to classify your laundry before you wash them. Clothes that are of the same color and materials should be washed together. If you are washing designer kids’ clothing that is made of colorful materials, make sure that the colors on these clothes do not bleed.

How will you know if the color on a certain piece of designer kids clothing will bleed? The best way to know if the color a certain piece of designer kids clothing, deep a small portion of the clothing in water and soap solution for a few seconds. If the color water and soap solution change, that is a sure sign that the color of that certain piece of designer kids clothing will bleed during washing. Wash that piece of clothing separately and do not place it near the other clothes while it is wet.

Remove Stains Carefully

Children are notorious when it comes to staining their clothes. If your kid comes home with a stain on his or her clothes, you better soak those clothes in warm water and soap as soon as possible. Warm water and soap will help loosen up the stain. Avoid using bleaching ingredients especially on colored clothing. If you must use bleaching ingredients to remove the stain, make sure that you use it properly to avoid causing more damage on your kid’s clothes.