Natural Anti-Aging Herbs For Beauticians And Health Spas

Aging is an inevitable change in everyone’s life. It is actually the sum total of the multiple physical, hormonal and psychological changes taking place within the body. Our body age overtime and the signs of aging show up. The faster we accept this law of Nature the better. After all we should always be sixteen at heart no matter how much we age. We should instead welcome the aging process heartily since we cannot avoid it. Though aging is unavoidable, it can however be slowed down or at least you can age gracefully if you follow certain tips and remedies. There are certain wonder herbs in the storehouse of nature that can stop your biological clock from ticking at least for sometime. Who would not love the boon of staying young for as long as possible? Well then read on to know about the best natural anti-aging herbs as a cure for your malady.

The Anti Aging Herbs

Today these herbs are being used in myriad ways. They are being used as key ingredients in soaps, creams, gels, oils, ointments and medicines. The cosmetic companies, beauticians and health spas are using the anti-aging herbs in their products. The anti-aging herbs are often packed with the power of antioxidants that buffer the damaging effects of free radicals, the main culprit behind the entire aging process. Here are some potent anti-aging herbs:

1. Gingko is an effective anti-aging herb. It improves brain function and memory. Therefore it is a good cure for age-related forgetfulness.

2. Black Cohosh is an herb very helpful for aged women. It regulates the level of estrogen hormone and abates the menopausal side-effects like insomnia, migraine, hot flashes and mood swings.

3. Gotu kola is a great memory booster. It promotes brain health and counters the blunting effect of aging.

4. Milk Thistle safeguards the aging liver. The herb contains an ingredient silymarin that prevents the damage of liver cells and facilitates the growth of new liver cells.

5. Bilberry is a rich source of antioxidants. It also prevents age-related eye weakness or vision problems.

6. Saw palmetto is an effective anti-aging herb for men. It is a good remedy for age-related prostate problems.

7. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. It is an effective remedy for age-related aches and pains.

So these are the some useful herbs, which is also useful in other health conditions. Regular uses of these herbs keep us young and energetic.