Jobs to Expect after Successfully Completing a Beautician Course

The business of beauty is changing all the time with advanced hi-tech treatments. It is a dynamic and enterprising world that promises several exciting jobs for talented personnel. A beautician is expected to perform various skin therapies, apply makeup for Media/TV/Film performers, hair dressing and styling, nail treatments and cosmetology etc. Several groundbreaking treatments are changing the perspective of beauty therapies and taking the industry by storm.

Seeing the employment boom of the beauty industry and young girls aspiring for a career in the fashion business, several vocational beauty academies are coming up with upgraded job oriented beautician course in Kolkata.

The beautician course is comprehensive and teaches the students several innovative beauty treatments such as threading, facials, aromatherapy, waxing, hair dyeing, makeup application, hair styling, manicure and pedicure etc. It also includes study on cosmetology related to daily skin care to expert procedures that improves the overall appearance of the clients.
Training in beauty encompasses topics like body structure, human anatomy, hair trichology, customer care, health and nutrition, electrolysis etc.

Many beauty schools give emphasis on developing interpersonal communication skills to deal with customers as well as other qualities requires growing in this profession. This includes patience, diligence, stamina, friendly nature, business skills etc. Students can also learn fundamental etiquette, cracking interviews, body language and developing holistic wellness and beauty solutions.

Job scope of a Beautician

To start off, the business of beauty is glamorous and the jobs offered by it are also alluring. After finishing the courses successfully, students can become hair stylists, makeup artists, cosmetologists, skincare experts, nail technician, massage therapists and beauty sales assistants. They work in beauty parlors, skin clinics, luxury hotels, health resorts, media, television and movie industry, health clubs, cosmetic retail shops etc. High profile events like weddings, fashion shows, photo shoots also require beauticians. There are also plenty of jobs in sports clubs, relaxation centers, departmental stores, cruise vessels etc. There is also chance to earn by working from home as an autonomous beauty service provider or self employed beauty therapist.

Other jobs after undertaking a beautician course in Kolkata include an image consultant for multi-national companies and beauty faculties in reputable beauty schools and vocational colleges. Here the remuneration is high and attractive.

The international cosmetic companies also recruit talented beauty personnel. Beauticians can find work in top international cosmetic companies like Mac with handsome salary packages even as a fresher.

If employment is not a right option for you as a beautician, then you can even start your own beauty business like that of a salon or massage therapy to render beauty treatments to the clients as an entrepreneur. You can even think about opening your own cosmetic departmental store selling a wide range of beauty products.

To sum up, the beauty jobs combines creativity and glamour and you need to have all the qualities along with completing the courses to become a successful beautician. The possibilities are endless and you just need to open the door at the right time.