How To Care For Your Couch Cushion Covers

A cushion cover is an perfect way to hide flaws in your existing furniture without having to incur the expenses of replacing or repairing it. Not only can a cushion cover protect your furniture but it can also enhance the beauty of your house. Couch cushion covers can help keep your couch cushions safe and prevent the pillows from getting dirty. They are a simple and inexpensive way to extend the life of your couch. In view of these benefits, it becomes vital to take care of them in the proper way. Attention should usually be paid to a few important things in order to protect your covers.

You should usually remember to be extremely soft while washing your couch cushion covers. They shouldn’t be washed with other clothes. Rather than using difficult detergents, mild detergents should be used to wash them. Covers shouldn’t be washed in washing machine that can damage their embroidery, colors and designs. It’s better to only softly rinse them by hands to make them clean. If your covers are white in color, you can use oxygen bleaches to wash them. It is easy to find out the exact amount of bleach to be used through experiments. You should avoid using chlorine beaches as they can cause yellowing.

The temperature of the water is also an important consideration when washing the covers. You can either use awesome or warm water for washing the covers. Hot water should in no way be used for washing the covers as it can hurt the fabric, especially if it is satin. In case you have colored covers, they should be washed with chilly water. Another important point to remember is that gentle water should be used for washing the covers. The drawback of using difficult water is that it produces soap scum and therefore makes your covers dull, rigid and uncomfortable. Moreover, you should always dried out them in shady places to avoid direct contact with sunlight as it can harm the color of the cushion covers.

Even though many covers are stain resistance, you should instantly wash off any stains on your covers. If you don’t do this, the stain may become permanent. It makes sense to have a little book on stain removal nearby.

Following these simple instructions will help you to keep your couch cushion covers safe and sound.