Boudoir Photography NYC: Release Your Inner Vixen

Searching for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend? Trying to find a way to celebrate your upcoming wedding for your fiancé? Maybe you want to add a bit of spark to your marriage on your anniversary. Consider boudoir photos NYC for your gift.
Boudoir pictures may not be what you think. Some think that these photos require a lot of skin to show and that they can border on distasteful. Not so. Boudoir photography NYC images are classy and sexy. With the right background and accessories, these photos promote glamour with a hint of sexuality. Boudoir comes from the French word, bouder. It is a lady’s private bedroom or dressing room. In the 1950s boudoir photos became the rage with the emergence of pin-up girls. Women in the photos had glamorous hair and smoky eye makeup. They were also fully clothed with a hint of skin showing. Slinky evening gowns, bathing suits, lingerie with a robe and corsets were the common dress.
When you are ready to release your inner vixen, there are a few tips to make the most of your boudoir photography NYC sessions. Keep in mind that your inner beauty and individuality needs to show as much as your outer beauty. Browse through a list of potential nyc boudoir photography studios. Most will have business websites. There you can look at their past pictures, this can give you an idea if you like their style or not. You will also want to find a photographer who can do your hair and makeup. Boudoir photos look best with big, glamorous hair inspired by the 1950s. Makeup should be professionally done as well.

Once you have compiled a list of potential photographers, call a nyc boudoir photographer for a short interview. You want to find out how much time your session will cover. Keep in mind that hair and makeup can take an hour to do. You also want an adequate amount of time to relax and ease into different poses and props. Ask if they have props and accessories available. While you will bring your own outfits and jewelry, they can add to your look to bring it over the top.

Your big day has arrived and you might feel nervous. Don’t worry, that is perfectly normal. Remember that boudoir photography does not mean that you need to strip down. Instead, it focuses on your inner beauty and individuality. Chat with the photographer first about what poses and background she will be using, this will help to give you direction. Remember that the photographer will take hundreds of pictures, don’t feel pressured to give a perfect pose each time. Relax and have fun with it, a perfect picture will happen.